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Thanks so much for visiting my online store.  My name is Michelle and I am totally obsessed with organizing and planners (although if you were to look at my desk you'd think otherwise) as well as the latest and most useful techno gadgets. But behind the scenes (drawers, closets etc.) - totally organized.

I am also a graphic designer. I love to create things on the computer as well as by hand. I enjoy reading, art, knitting, gardening (when it's not humid) and photography. I love to take pictures - the one of Duke and the picture below are mine.

I am a total dog lover!! Right now, Duke, a Shih Tzu is the center of attention, he's so cute!!

I have also been a crazy researcher for online jobs and at home work possibilities. I plan to start posting information so that if you are interested then it may be helpful for finding something. Ok, so I love to research just about anything from the online jobs, my hobbies, DIY, home decor and more....

So not only am I totally obsessed with organizing and planners, a crazy researcher of things, but I am also a nerd!! Yes! I said it! I am a nerd, I love to use excel for so many things - bills, research details, comparisons etc. And my nerdiness does include techno gadgets.

I am also a coding newbie - my goal is to become a UX/UI developer.  Basically design functional and pretty websites or apps.  It is very challenging but also fun!

Please take a look around! I am still in the process of setting up some of the sections (for example my blog), but when I do - I hope that you love it!

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